As an Oracle database developer for far too many years now, I find many applications have the same shortcomings and repeat the same mistakes with respect to how they interact with the database. This blog is partly an attempt to illustrate some of my observations and to suggest mechanisms for addressing and/or avoiding them. The other aspect of this blog is look at Oracle database development in general. There are many blogs that look at things from a DBA perspective but not so many that focus on development.

Rather than focussing on specific complex issues I intend to look at more fundamental aspects, the things that I believe all Oracle database developers should know. If you are a seasoned Oracle developer then you may not find much of interest. However, please feel free to comment with your own experiences, tips and suggestionsn

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  1. i have a query about comparing datetime feilds that span midnight but am struggleing to find a site that can help. could you recommed any site?

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